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The Leader In Computer Repair and Services
Since it's inception in early of 2004 Digital Insights has rapidly become Douglas County's most popular computer repair and services firm. Digital Insights' success is largely due to the tremendous support given to us by our customers. This is why Digital Insights treats every customer's computer as if it were their own. Every computer and printer that goes through us is thoroughly fixed and checked for all problems. Computers are becoming ever increasingly important in the lives of our clients and we feel it is our responsibility to ensure that they remain problem free. We accomplish this through our guarantee program that goes out with every computer.

Experience the Guarantee
Many places charge you whether or not they are able to fix the problem. For as long as Digital Insights is in business you will NEVER be charged for a problem we were not able to fix. Every computer fixed by Digital Insights is automatically placed under our guarantee to ensure that you can trust us to fix the problem right the first time.

Our Goals
Digital Insights maintains one single goal with every single person we come in contact with. We simply want that person to walk away so happy with our services that they recommend us to all their friends and family. Digital Insights was built on word of mouth advertising and word of mouth with continue to be our strongest ally in building our services.

  • Experience the Speed
  • Digital Insights understands what it's like to not have your computer when you need it most. This is why Digital Insights pushes very hard to return your computer as quickly as possible. On almost every computer, with the exception of certain specialty part orders, Digital Insights averages a 1 day turn around. This means if you check in your computer with us, chances are you can have it back by the very next day. This turn around time can only be accomplished by ever expanding our knowledge of computers and problems. The staff at Digital Insights is always researching the latest virus threats and problems arising around the country, so we will already know exactly how to fix them when you arrive. After all, you shouldn't have to pay for a tech to sit around and try to fix your problem. He should know exactly what it is and how to fix it the moment he turns on the computer.

  • Experience Trust
  • Your computer is very valuable. This is why the citizens of Douglas County need a group of experienced professionals that are trust worthy, timely, and thorough to handle their all computer needs. Digital Insights strives for nothing less than to meet those expectations every single day. This is why Digital Insights welcomes questions over the phone or in office. No matter how knowledgeable you are with computers, chances are you have some questions that we would love to answer for free. Call us today at 541-229-2952. We'd look forward to hearing from you.

  • Expect The Best
  • From the moment you call or visit Digital Insights you can expect only the absolute best from our staff. We are knowledgeable, experienced, and best of all, friendly and understanding.