WebSite Development

Creating a website has never been easier or cheaper!
You no longer have to pay between $1,200 and $2,000 for someone to make a website for you. You can create your very own 100% customized website that is always perfect, professional, and exactly the way you want it. Check out our brand new Website Design Center by signing up for your free account. If you decide you like your website and want to share it with the world it's only $19.95/month. That's cheaper than most places charge just to host your website!

Free To Try! - Create your entire site for free before you decide if you want to make it available to the world! If you decide to publish, it only costs $19.95/month and can be cancelled anytime.

8 Easy Steps - You don't have to be a computer whiz to create your own professional website. If you can write a letter you can create your own great looking website in a matter of minutes. Digital Insights' Website Design Center was designed specifically for the person who has little or no experience with computers or making websites.

No Development Fees - Don't pay $1,200-$2,000 for someone else to design your website. Never pay $40+ an hour every time you want to make a little change to your site. With Digital Insights it's always free and instant. Make as many changes as you'd like as often as you'd like.

No Hosting or Domain Fees - People are often surprised to find out that after they spent $1,200-$2,000 on a website that they now have to pay monthly hosting costs (between $20-$30/month) and yearly domain costs(approx. $10/year). With Digital Insights they are included for FREE!

  • Affordable WebDesign
  • Faster Development using Web Templates
  • Domain Registration Service
  • Website hosting Service
  • Search Engine Optimization

Millions of Design Possibilities - Every website is completely unique. Pick from hundreds of professional layouts and designs to help make your website stand above the crowd. Then further personalize your site with your own graphics and custom content.

Always Updated - Old and stale websites don't sell. With one simple click of a button your entire site is updated automatically. Want to change the entire look of your website? One's finished.

Perfect for Business - Make your customers think you paid a web designer thousands for your site. Every website Digital Insights creates is perfect and exactly the way you want it.

Free E-Mail Included - Receive up to 10 free E-Mail accounts with your package. Make your company more professional by having an E-Mail address that reflects your company's identity.

Free Promotion - With every published website we will happily get the word out. This program includes submitting your site for inclusion in 100+ of the world's largest search engines and directories, including Google, MSN, and Yahoo.